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This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG's, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

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Ion Adventure in the Heartland
As a professional, you know the heart well... but you may be a little uncertain about the function of ion channels, ion pumps, and ion exchangers of cardiac cells.

It's all quite easy to understand and master. These concepts have been simplified and fully illustrated in an entertaining, reader-friendly, new book:
Ion Adventure in the Heartland

After 17 years of research, Dr. Dale Dubin, the author of Rapid Interpretation of EKG's
(52 Printings in English in 35 years and 42 foreign languages) explores the ionic-molecular microcosm of the heart's cells in a unique, understandable tour... and you're invited.

Please allow time for images to download.

* Your tour guide is Dr. Dubin as a child (from old family photos).

Ion Adventure in the Heartland is a "consilience" or confluence of ionic-molecular knowledge from many research disciplines correlated into a grand-unifying, functional model of cardiac physiology modulated by the autonomic nervous system.
*The cat on the cell membrane (previous image) is a memory tool to remind you that these are “cat” ions (cations). Now you’ll never forget.
The controlled movement of three little ions is the basis of cardiac physiology.
Ion Adventure in the Heartland is brief in text, yet every page is profusely illustrated in three-dimensionally-rendered, color illustrations; with a learning system that reinforces your comprehension. By visualizing concepts, your understanding is permanently stored as immutable mental images. After all, your brain remembers images,
not blocks of type.
This adventure explores the ionic-molecular function of the heart, including many thought-provoking, new concepts – in a simplified, enjoyable format.

At first we learn that:
The heart is the body's blood-pumping organ, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS) controls the functions of the body's
organs, including the heart.

Soon we come to understand that:
The ANS controls cardiac physiology by regulating excitable cells of the heart.
But now we can comprehend that:
The ANS regulates these heart cells through receptors that modulate certain ion-kinetic structures to influence ion movement.
Concepts and mechanisms rendered as color images stay with you; easy to understand, easy to remember. Visual images last a lifetime. Your mind stores visually-linked concepts, so you own them forever.

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Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume I
by Dale Dubin, M.D.

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