Ion Adventures : Dr. Dale Dublin
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This is an educational web site by Dr. Dale Dubin (Dale Dubin, M.D.), which includes important EKG (ECG) information about EKG tracings, 12 lead EKG's, and cardiac monitors. All web sites offer free PDF downloads.

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Ion Adventure in the Heartland

Simplified Format for Rapid Comprehension

Please allow time for the image to fully download.

This text introduces many new concepts, sometimes currently unconventional concepts, so you should begin on page 1 of chapter one and proceed as you would with your personal leisure reading… which it is intended to be.

You may notice that this book is brief in text, yet every page is profusely illustrated in three-dimensionally-rendered, color illustrations; a learning system that reinforces your comprehension.

Large, colorful illustrations facilitate and hasten your path to comprehension. The detailed illustrations provide the unique versatility of organization by color coding.

Categories, systems, molecular structures, ions, currents, and even receptors are organized by instantly-recognizable color coding.

By visualizing illustrations of functions and concepts, your understanding is permanently stored as immutable mental images.

After all, your brain remembers images, not blocks of type. So you should correlate each illustration with the simplified text material for your easily-recalled mental image.

This book employs a subtle form of concatenated, programmed instruction, so every page is easy to comprehend, but only after the preceding page is completely understood.

Remember that each page provides the necessary background for the following page. Patience will reward you with a practical, permanent grasp of ionic-molecular electro-physiology.

By convention, science combines terms into composite words that may be a little vexing at first encounter. For clarity, the Latin or Greek stems of long composite words are hyphenated at first introduction (only).

“Electro-physiology” is not hyphenated usually.

At the ionic-molecular level, building a secure foundation in basic science will accelerate your speed of comprehension.

With only six or so lines of text per page, the illustration distills the presentation to expedite understanding, which we all need and desire.

Reviewing the illustrations after finishing a chapter is a wonderful way to permanently reinforce your knowledge. As you review an illustration, you may be surprised at how the written text comes back to you.

You will immediately appreciate how concepts and mechanisms rendered as three-dimensional, color images stay with you; easy to understand, easy to remember — in detail. Visual images last a lifetime. Your mind stores these visually-linked concepts, so you own them forever.

Mastering this material is satisfying, by empowering you with that essential clinical edge, while preparing you to grasp medical research literature.

Just relax and enjoy your fascinating adventure through the heart’s ionic-molecular microcosm.

Come, join us!

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Ion Adventure in the Heartland, Volume I
by Dale Dubin, M.D.

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